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About Project Intersect

Therapy For Youth And Families

Project Intersect provides outpatient therapy services at the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy to youth who have been Commercially Sexually Exploited. We utilize Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) as our intervention framework. TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment that has been found to be particularly effective with sexually abused and traumatized children and adolescents and has been used successfully with Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). 

What We Do

Project Goals

Project Intersect seeks to reduce negative mental health outcomes and improve positive outcomes through a network of highly trained therapists providing trauma-focused evidence-based treatment to youth who have been commercially sexually exploited. In addition, trauma-informed systemic change will be implemented over the course of several years in a variety of child and family-serving systems engaged with this population, including Juvenile Justice, Foster Care, and Homeless/Runaway youth services.

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Features of TF-CBT

Treatment is short-term. On average, TF-CBT is completed over 18-24 weekly sessions.

Treatment is short-term.

TF-CBT is skills–based. Families are taught many skills in sessions, such as relaxation, to reduce trauma-related distress. In order for treatment to be effective, therapists will also ask children and caregivers to practice and use these skills at home and other places where stress may occur.

TF-CBT is skills–based.

TF-CBT involves the family. Caregivers are actively included in treatment with their child and are key to successful outcomes. Typically, therapists in each TF-CBT session will spend individual time with the child, check in separately with the caregiver, and include combined family time. However, when a child does not have a caregiver who can be involved in treatment, TF-CBT treatment can still be effective in reducing childhood trauma symptoms.

TF-CBT involves the family.